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Liste de repêchage 2018-2019

Encore une fois cette année, nous vous offrons notre liste de repêchage de plus de 350 joueurs et gardiens gratuitement.

Il est disponible en version PDF et EXCEL, afin que vous puissiez l'imprimer ou le modifier à votre guise.

Blackhawks stained glass I made

Reddit /r/hockey | 21 Jul 18h24

Blues sign Sundqvist 4 years $2.75 AAV

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Jul 02h35

If given enough time, could Brad Marchand’s nose cut through Johnny Gaudreau’s arm?

Reddit /r/hockey | 21 Jul 22h06
We will assume the following: * Brad Marchand is given unlimited time to perform the task. Food, drink, and sleep is provided as needed. * Brad Marchand may apply ointments, medications, and first aid to his nose as necessary to maintain the physical condition of said nose. * Johnny Gaudreau's arm cannot heal - whether by biological or clinical means - between cutting sessions. * Both involved parties are willing and motivated to perform their respective roles. ​ This is a very important matter, so I ask that you please participate in this discussion seriously and professionally. We're not children.

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Jets sign Neal Pionk - 2yrs @ 3m

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Jul 03h06

Way too early 2068-2069 Standings Predictions

Reddit /r/hockey | 21 Jul 22h30
Title. Personally I just want to predict the West: Northwest Division: Vancouver Edmonton Seattle Portland Kelowna Southwest: LAK LAB LAD LAC LAL Central: Dallas KC St Louis Wichita Lincoln Northern: Chicago Winnipeg Green Bay Regina Minnesota

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Great Mikko Rantanen drawing by 16 yo Aaron Airas

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Jul 12h54

Now that the 2010's are over, here are the top scorers of the decade.

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Jul 02h31
From 2010-2019 seasons. So starts at start of the 2010 season (which is technically 2009) and ended this past 2019 season: 1. Crosby: 819 pts 2. Kane: 796 pts 3. Ovechkin: 791 pts 4. Giroux: 735 pts 5. Stamkos: 720 pts 6. Backstrom: 716 pts 7. Tavares: 709 pts 8. Malkin: 698 pts 9. Kessel: 697 pts 10. Kopitar: 684 pts Here's the link so you can view the extended list, extra stats and games played to see who scored at the highest rate per game: https://www.quanthockey.com/nhl/seasons/last-10-nhl-seasons-players-stats.html Some guys fell short simply because of games played. Like Malkin is 2nd in PPG behind only Crosby but misse...

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Bill Burr's reaction to "real bears playing hockey?"

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Jul 05h21

What is the current “You can’t win here!” Losing streak in the NHL

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Jul 04h41
And will it be broken this season?

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Which NHL player has the most unfortunate hairline?

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Jul 07h15
I know that Laine's hair is falling out like it's on fire, but some good people showed me that Nylander and Matthews are having some unfortunate balding issues. Who's got the worst at the moment?

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What are some interesting hidden details in nhl team logos that some people may not know about?

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Jul 06h16

What was the best single regular season game of the decade for your team

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Jul 06h27
For the bruins, it’s gotta be [this one](https://youtu.be/Q5CU8L0kwwg) on February 9, 2011 against the habs

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The most dominant goal scorer in the NHL, season by season

Reddit /r/hockey | 21 Jul 22h10
I decided to take a look at who the most dominant goal scorer in the NHL was by season. Each season's highest GPG total is shown at an 82 game pace. Here are the results. __________ 1926-27 - Bill Cook (61.5G): 10.5 goal lead over Babe Dye 1927-28 - Howie Morenz (62.93G): 8.93 goal lead over Nels Stewart 1928-29 - Ace Bailey (41G): 1.86 goal lead over Nels Stewart 1929-30 - Cooney Weiland (80.14G): 3.73 goal lead over Dit Clapper 1930-31 - Charlie Conacher (68.7G): 9.83 goal lead over Howie Morenz 1931-32 - Charlie Conacher (63.36G): 5.28 goal lead over Bill Cook 1932-33 - Bill Cook (47.83G): 1.7 goal lead over Busher Jackson 1933...

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Keeper of the Cup Phil Pritchard: Dreams are made in St Louis today! 20 years ago Pat Maroon visited the Hockey Hall Fame and got a photo with the Cup. Today he brought it back home to St Louis and took another photo....in his house!

Reddit /r/hockey | 21 Jul 18h27

Charlie Simmer (back) awaiting a face off with Brian Sutter (right) and Mike Milbury at the Boston Garden on March 21, 1985

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Jul 03h33