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Liste de repêchage 2018-2019

Encore une fois cette année, nous vous offrons notre liste de repêchage de plus de 350 joueurs et gardiens gratuitement.

Il est disponible en version PDF et EXCEL, afin que vous puissiez l'imprimer ou le modifier à votre guise.

A lot of people really liked the last Goalie my dad carved. Here's part 2.

Reddit /r/hockey | 06 Jul 17h38

Robin Lehner's new Vegas pads

Reddit /r/hockey | 06 Jul 20h36

[NHL PR] NHLPA, NHL Reach Tentative Agreement on Return to Play Plan, CBA Extension; Set Dates for Resumption of Play

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 01h47

I heard we're into wood now. Here's a Mini Jumbo Joe I carved with basswood a while back.

Reddit /r/hockey | 06 Jul 22h02

TIL that Radek Faksa at the age of 11, moved alone to Třinec, where he lived by himself in a hotel paid for by his team until the age of 17.

Reddit /r/hockey | 06 Jul 23h32

[Seravalli] For first time since 2005, NHL rookies will be able to earn (slightly) more on their entry-level contract. Individual "A" Bonus maximum is slated to increase from $850,000 to $1 million.

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 03h03

[NHL Watcher]: Friedman: "Ottawa is a team that's got a lot of cap space, but one of the things Eugene Melnyk talked about was maybe not spending as much in actual cash for a couple of years. Now they extended Chabot, extended White, they're going to try and extend Tkachuk."

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 02h58

Governor of North Carolina Roy Cooper’s new press conference mask.

Reddit /r/hockey | 06 Jul 11h09

[Staple] League sources say unsigned draft choices like Ilya Sorokin CAN sign to burn their entry-level years for 2019-20 but are NOT permitted to play in the RTP scenario next month. Now it's up to Isles and Sorokin whether they can agree to do so.

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 01h50

Bucket List Pond Hockey Destination: Windy Arm, Northwest Territories

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 04h37

[Russo] Cap recapture amended in new NHL - NHLPA CBA

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 03h03

[Lazerus] The Blackhawks will be signing Wisconsin defenseman (and former Flyers draft pick) Wyatt Kalynuk to an entry-level deal

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 03h27

What is the biggest playoff collapse of a superstar in Stanley Cup Playoff History?

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 00h27
In my opinion, Steven Stamkos in the 2015 Finals. He only had 1 point in 6 games, which was a secondary assist in a game they lost. To me, that series kind of started the Stamkos is a choker label.

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These are the stats of Ziggy Palffy’s last 5 seasons. He returned to play for his hometown team in Slovak Extraliga at age of 37 and carried Skalica to finals in 08/09 season

Reddit /r/hockey | 06 Jul 23h47

[Friedman] Romanov, Kaprizov, Sorokin, etc: 53-hour window to sign them, burn a year. Begins at noon ET the third day after the agreement is signed, ends 5pm ET the fifth day. 1) No signing bonus in first year 2) No 2020-21 signing bonus until Nov. 1 3) As we know, they cannot play

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 06h36